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Covered in apostolic fire and saturated in the anointing of spiritual parents, the Understanding Your Process series has the potential to bring out the character in you that God Himself created, and remove everything else.

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AMI Fivefold Ministry School

Certification and Credentials

To request a Certificate, Degree, or Credential, please navigate to the relevant section below, add it to your cart, and checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you send your payment, make sure that you have completed all the neccesary courses.

If you are not sure which courses are required for a particular rtificate or degree and you are a student of AMI Fivefold Ministry School visit:

If you are a student of the Prophetic Training School, then please visit to view which courses are neccessary for a Prophetic Ministry Certificate.

If you are requesting Probationary Ministry Credentials, we require a recent portrait photo of yourself before we can proceed. Also, these credentials are only valid for one year and must be re-issued annually.

Full Ministry Credentials are only given to those who have earned a Master Degree and have been ordained by the laying on of hands of the AMI Leadership.


Request a Prophetic School Certificate

(For Students of Prophetic School Only)

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Request a Minor Certificate

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Request a Bachelors Degree

(Applicable to all students who have completed all courses necessary for a Major)

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Request a Masters Degree

(Applicable to all students who have completed all courses necessary for a Master)

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Request Ministerial Credentials

(Only applicable to students who have attained a Major or Master's Degree)

Probationary Ministry Credentials
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Responses Posted For This Page

Response from emmanuel austin : Please am in ghana and would like to enroll where can I get AMI school

Response from Chaifa Thao, School Principal : Dear Emmanuel,

You can enroll for classes online. All of our training is done via online and email correspondence, so you can start receiving training today, no matter where you live.

To get started, go ahead and fill out an application by clicking on the "Application" link above.

In His Love,

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